Being direct: pain and gain

Being direct: pain and gain

Last Friday on Co-Create Coach Camp we were discussing direct communication as a skill/tool to enhance our communication/coaching. Why is it needed and how can you ensure that you have the right impact?


Humans are super-creative how NOT to hear what they do not want to hear. Just think of all the self defence mechanisms. If there is something that could hurt the picture we have of ourselves, they just switch on.

Being direct

Direct communication aims to convey messages in a pure form. These messages often target something in our blind spot, or topics that would hurt our ego. I do believe that it is the content (the WHAT) of these messages that may create pain and not HOW they are formulated.

If we manage to get the message across, that may hurt but on the other hand it may as well be cathartic (finally we learn about something that used to sabotage us and that we were unaware of). Once it hits us, our healing/growth can take place.

How to do so?

Stay tuned to hear more about it.

Tamara Szabó
OD consultant, trainer, coach (MCC), team coach

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