Are you a leader ready for changes?

Are you a leader ready for changes?

According to a recent study by McKinsey more than half of business leaders think their organization is not ready for the upcoming changes despite the prevalence of these changes.

But are leaders ready?

Being ready for changes and transformations also includes mental preparedness. Just to highlight two elements of it

1. Navigate through difficult emotions

Being prepared to navigate through difficult emotions. When you are faced with chaos and uncertainty, not breaking down under the weight of adversity but being able to hold yourself amidst all the difficult feelings you are going through.

2. Reclaim your power

Having tools to that help you to control what you can, and regain your agency. Instead of indulging in the feelings of helplessness and being a victim of circumstances, rising above the storm and rewriting your scenarios.

(This is an excerpt from Tamara Szabó’s speech at Berlin Liber Journees 2024 conference on leading in turbulent times)


Tamara Szabó
OD consultant, trainer, coach (MCC), team coach

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