“After being with Amazon almost six years in different positions I got the chance to meet Tamara and benefit from her outstanding coaching skills. In overall six sessions we went through different topics covering the areas of people and stakeholder management as well as time management. Tamara has a very professional and empathic way to lead her clients through their development by asking the right questions to initiate a self-reflected process of change. She also has great experience and knowledge in coaching different work-related areas in a very dynamic way. During our sessions we focused on communication, conflict management, centeredness, time management and overall earn trust. Earning the trust of colleagues and stakeholders is a result of the other components and Tamara supported me in an outstanding way to increase my skills by combining the questions of how to reach my overall goals and how to solve daily/current topics. During and also after finishing all sessions I got a stronger understanding of how my daily work behavior is affecting my larger goals and I was able to increase the trust of my team and to create a more efficient way in stakeholder communication. This finally led to the result of saving time and costs because my team got a better understanding of our goals and what needs to be done to reach them and how to solve their tasks more independently. Furthermore, by improving the communication with stakeholders, it was possible to reach shared goals within a shorter period of time and less effort (decreasing the number of calls/meetings, etc.).
I can fully recommend Tamara’s coaching sessions after experiencing a long-lasting positive change on many key aspects of my work-life.

Sabrina Schönthal-Gutgesell, Senior Program Manager, Amazon

“I worked with Tamara as a coach, trainer, coach trainer and teamcoach too several times.
First of all, we met at my workplace.
We ordered a skill development training. She was a very good trainer. As a leader I was very satisfied. My team was lucky that learn from Tamara.
When I made a decision that I want to be a coach, it wasn’t question that I want to work with her.
Tamara is one of my idols. She helps me how can be a good coach and a good leader. Her advice is very helpful every time.
She isn’t a usual trainer. She has good examples, she can think with client’s head.

I feel lucky that I could learn from her and got to know and I hope we will work together in the future.”

Petra Deák-Nagy, Agile Coach Chapter Lead, OTP Bank

„A few years ago I worked together with Tamara a lot. I attended her facilitation skill training, that I very much liked. On one hand, because she found the perfect balance between theory and practice, on the other hand, because she built the training in such a way, that in addition to the prepared material, she used the emerging situations for learning as well. These dynamics from the participants also became part of the curriculum. 

She facilitated several workshops in my organizations, and there were some occasions with us co-facilitating workshops. I enjoyed such co-operations with her a lot, I admired her creativity and the professional approach when it came to structuring the whole process of the facilitation. She always had a cutting-edge idea that made the workshop even better. And I also very much appreciated the flexibility in her approach to facilitation. Even though we carefully planned the sessions, she could always adjust to the emerging dynamics, and could restructure the workshops in such a way that the participants would get the most out of it. She excels in handling the here-and-now situations. 

This also applies to her coaching trainings, and her work as a coach. She finds a perfect balance between the methodology and the current need of the coachee. For her, tools and methodologies are only tools, not a handrail to hold on to. She easily identifies what the client needs, a question or advice, and she can offer advice in such a way that it would still be the client’s free choice whether to take it or not. She can always bring what the client needs into the given situation.”

Kurucz Norbert, Capability and Operations Manager