Individual Coaching

International Coaching Federation defines coaching as partnering with Clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

We support leaders, key talents, teams or anyone wanting to step ahead and to handle the challenges they are facing. We believe that the relationship between the coach and the coachee(s) and the trust built through working together, along with the new perspectives generate changes and create new experience and learnings. 

How we work as coaches is based on the ICF coach competency framework and is characterized by continuous development. 

Individual coaching in Hungarian or English, in person or online are readily available.

Group coaching

In group coaching sets 6-8 people work together with the support of a group coach. Each individual raises an issue he/she would like to work on. With the co-ordination of the group coach, other participants support him/her to move forward with the issue.

During the sets the participants improve in various interpersonal and coaching skills, as the group coach asks the participants to summarize what they heard, to express their empathy, raise questions, just to give a few examples of the tools used.

In addition to developing in such areas, the participants also create best-practices and become more cohesive. 

Group coaching can 

  • serve as a follow-up of training programs (to make sure the learnt skills are applied and the obstacles in applying the newly gained knowledge are removed).
  • focus on a certain topic (e.g. leadership, motivation) that is of interest to all the participants facing similar difficulties. 
  • be a stand-alone development program, where the focus is on developing interpersonal skills. 

Group coaching in Hungarian or English, in person or online are readily available.

Team coaching

Team coaching is a method to move the whole system of a team. It focuses on team phenomena as opposed to individual issues in group coaching or individual coaching. 

Team coaching is normally conducted with two team coaches, as it is the most complex development method, with interventions on several levels resulting in real transformation in how the team operates. 

Team coaching can be useful when the team faces an issue that they cannot overcome by themselves. E.g. high fluctuation rate, lingering conflicts in the team, miscommunication, productivity problems, problems with team spirit. 

Team coaching always start with a diagnosis, where we conduct interviews with the leader and the team, and we carefully analyze the data from the interviews.  On an average level, a team coaching program is made up of interviews, sync sessions with the leader, and 2-3 (half-a-day/one-day) sessions with the team. 

Team coaching in Hungarian or English, in person or online are readily available.

Skill development and Training

With over 1000 training days experience covering a wide range of areas including 

  • Classic topics including time management, communication skills, public speaking, intercultural sensitivization.
  • Leadership skill development comprising feedback, facilitation skills, emotional intelligence, coaching mindset, etc. 
  • Agile professionals – agile coaches, scrum masters, chapter leads – to fill their roles more effectively
  • 21st century skills such as systems thinking, problem solving skills, creativity

Training development professionals: 

  • Facilitators 
  • Trainers
  • Coaches 
  • Group and team coaches
  • Organizational development consultants

Our working practice focuses on cutting-edge content, creating a positive learning environment and partnership with both the organization and the participants. We can address several layers of learning simultaneously (content, modelling behavior, quick learning loops resulting in immediate behavioral change), which makes learning efficiency higher than average. Experienced in both in-person and online trainings. 

Trainings in person and online are readily available. For a full list of available trainings, please visit our courses page.

Workshop Design & Facilitation

We have designed and conducted at least 100+ types of workshops ranging with participant numbers from 20 to 200, online and offline: engagement, strategy, innovation workshops, sessions to come up with new solutions and plans to implement them, planning workshops and best-practice sharing workshops. 

Workshops in person and online, in English and in Hungarian are readily available.

Organizational Development (OD) Consultancy

Organizational development is a complex, aligned and integrated series of interventions, which affects several levels and aspects of the organization. It impacts processes, culture, connections, the prevailing standards. It aims to increase effectiveness and enables a sustainable high-quality operation.   

During the past years, I supported more than 30 organizations with different development interventions. Amongst others I supported cultural changes, change processes, green field investments, building internal development capacity (e.g. coach/trainer/facilitator/mentor systems). I am familiar with methodologies used in OD: Assessment Center, Development Center, change management, transformations, workshops, skill development, team coaching, building communities.